Gideon Reeling

About us

We make theatre, put on parties, design games, provide performers, actors, music, designers, directors & producers, create brand experiences & stunts, design & build sets, design & hire out costumes, provide educational & corporate training experiences, provide theatrical & educational consultants, and write scripts…

Gideon Reeling make truly interactive, site-specific theatrical experiences in which audience participation and a sense of inclusive playfulness are paramount.

The company was founded in 2006 by Kate Hargreaves, Felix Barrett and Colin Nightingale.

Our philosophy

Home grown

Making theatre for ourselves gives us the opportunity to create far deeper experiences than is normally possible. Our home grown productions often live on in their parallel universes, evolving and reappearing in different forms, sometimes spanning centuries. We love to create worlds with compelling stories; culturally relevant, whether set in a modern day Women’s meeting or a Medieval village in the woods. At times dark, poignant, uplifting, and emotional, but most of all, fun.

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The scope of our commercial work is broad and varied, no two jobs are the same. Our approach centres around client collaboration to help develop truly bespoke experiences, drawing on the creativity expressed in our home grown productions. We believe immersive theatre works best for brands when delivered with the balance of purpose and sensitivity the audience demands. We don’t do promo, we do engaging immersive theatre.

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We believe strongly in the value of learning through play. We encourage active participation, confidence building and creativity to foster a positive environment where skills and information can be acquired with ease and by stealth. We have a wealth of experience in delivering inclusive educational experiences to audiences of all ages. Attention to detail and thorough research are cornerstones of our approach and enable us to engage, inform and entertain with authenticity.

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We believe amazing things can come from collaboration and are always looking to establish new relationships that can foster original pioneering work. Since inception Gideon Reeling has partnered with numerous organisations to create experiences that challenge, entertain, educate and enlighten. This, in turn, serves as vital inspiration for the work we do for ourselves and our clients and reminds us that there’s always more to explore.

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Our Services

We can help you with all or any of the elements that make up theatre shows, theatrical events,  immersive brand experiences and interactive learning experience.
We specialise in immersive and interactive and site specific.
Drop us a line and tell us what you need, how you want to collaborate or set us rolling.

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The assistants

Roll call

Kate Hargreaves
Founder, Artistic Director, Producer, Director, Design
Colin Nightingale
Founder Producer, Conceptor
Felix Barrett
Kathryn McGarr
Founding Member, Associate Director, Producer, Devisor, Performer
Kate Ashcroft
Performer and Educator
Matthew Blake
Director, Producer, Devisor, Performer
Hetty Burton
Director, Producer, Devisor, Performer
Livi Vaughaun
Set Designer, Conceptor
Alice Lessing
Costume Designer, Wardrobe
Sam Booth
Devisor, Performer, Educator
Jo Dagless
Performer, Producer, Marketing, Director
Lucy Hall
Producer, Event Manager
Jo Bowis
Devisor, Performer, Musician, Educator
Rosie Gibbens
Costume Supervisor, Performance Artist
Jim Wright
Graphic Designer, Set Designer, Web Designer, Musician
Libby Northedge
Devisor, Performer, Educator
Seiriol Davies
Devisor, Performer, Musician
Dino Jacovides
Devisor, Performer, Filmmaker
Anna Inglis Hall
Make Up Designer / Artist
Carolyn Jones
Devisor, Performer, Educator
Barry McStay
Devisor, Performer, Writer
Andy Kobelinsky
Costume Designer, Stylist, Wardrobe
Natalie O'Connor
Make Up Designer/Set and Costume designer
Geoff Beale
Devisor, Performer, Educator
Matthew Odell
Devisor, Performer, Educator, Director
Dan Boyden
Devisor, Performer, Educator
Tori Pearson
Devisor, Performer, Educator
Al Wingham
Devisor, Performer, Musical Director, Musician
Daniel Martin
Devisor, Performer
Robin Harris
Musical Director, Musician
Pauline Huguet
Performer, Devisor
Clayton Wright
Devisor, Performer, Compere, Project Manager
Vanessa Faye Stanley
Devisor, Performer, Director
Julie Landau
Set Designer
Joe Hargreaves
Production and Musical Experiences
Tom Wright
Web Developer
Polly Conway
Devisor, Performer
Eleni Kyriacou
Costumes and Set Design
Kate Rigby
Set Design and Costume
Sarah Lewis
Set Designer, Games Designer, Graphics
Sarah Labigne
Devisor, Performer, Bar Manager
Owen Ridley Demonick
Devisor, Performer
Bec Watt
Performs, Singer
Kate Lowry
Performer, Singer, Chef
Lisa Roberts
Performer, volunteer
Emlyn Roberts
Performer, Musician
Miranda Letten
Performer,Choreographer, Costumes
Adam Redmore
Devisor, Performer
Heather Haley
Costume Design
Jake Rodriguez
Jami Quarrell
Performer, Dancer
Eva Owen
Producer, PR,
Melanie May
Devisor, Peformer, Educator
Sonya Cullingford
Peter Gibbs
Performer, Project Management
Samuel John
Performer Devisor
Nina Smith
Performer Devisor
Hannah McGavin
Performer, Costumes
Dan McGavin at Bakehouse
Set Design
David Hargreaves
Performer Devisor
Matt Lambart
Stage Management
Kate Williams
Stage Management
Alastair Natkiel
Elisa Nader
Rich Irvine
Stage and Production Management
Oliver Keens
Lauren Berry
Writer Project Manager
Sara Lee
Stage Management
Bryony Rumble
Props and Set Design
Nick Selleck
Artist, Set Design
David Wright
Performer Devisor, Prop Maker, Set design
Jayde Adams
Performer Devisor
C J Boyd
Devisor, Performer
Charlie Cattrall
Performer, Filmmaker
Charlie Partridge
Performer Devisor
Sheda Weston Collinson
Performer, Project Management
Abby Forkball
Performer Devisor
Dylan Townley
Performer, Musician
David Seddon
Performer, Musician
Matt Stubbs
Performer Devisor
Holly Downing
Project Assistant
Laura Stevely
Performer, Bookkeeping
Melanie May
Performer, costumes, production
Joanna Carolan
Tim Barnsdale
Christine Lockhart
Performer Devisor, Singer
Stephanie Nightingale
Helen Ahearne
Jona Ahearne
Performer, Production
Ashlee Ackland
Alexander Mugnaioni
Performer Devisor
Katy Balfour
Performer Devisor
Natasha Dawn
Performer, devisor, educator, scripting
Conrad Butlin
Oliver Brooks
Performer, stage manager
Danielle Stagg
Performer and Educator
Stephanie Nightingale
Alistair Goldsmith
Matt Costain
Performer Devisor
Nicola Jallim
Aoi Nakamura
Performer Devisor
James Dagless
Sylvia Mercuriali
Performer Devisor
Caroline Perry
Designer, Prop Maker, Set building
Nick Selleck
Designer, Prop Maker, Artist
Simon Maeder
Performer Devisor
Lewis Miles
Performer Devisor
Paul Rogers
Make Up Artist
John Ross
Performer, Dancer, Photographer
John Colville
Lighting Designer
Adam Neville
Art Director/ Designer
Gemma Brockis
Performer Devisor
Nicole Aspradakis
Make Up Artist/ Body Artist
Francesca Jordan
Make Up and Hair Design
Christopher Howell
Joe Ransom
Milo Speedwagon
Chris Lopez
Jules May
Ruth Shepherd
Costume and Design
Jon Armstrong
Ira Mandela
Suni La
Tim Barnsdall
Performer, Educator
Rob Wilson
Hector Harkness
Will South
Peter Bennie
Tom Clues
Nerrine Skinner
Melania Pecorini
Gurpreet Singh
Joni Carter
Stage Management
Carla Garratt
Sophie Sierra
Production & Stage Management
Jack Lowe
Game Design
Abi Stevens
Social Media
Milo Speedwagon