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H & S beat Dolly Mix to Yes Factory top spot...The Saaaarrn
Cow announces HandS release of winning song, “its ‘Lame’” he says.The Windependent
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Heart and Soul are massive...

And Lame, was their first amazing actually famous single. They rose to nearly-fame when they toppled girl band Dolly mix (or was it 1Dimension, we forget) on top talent singing-song’s show - The Yes Factory! And now they are totally the hottest new girl band that you ever heard of.

The superhot almost celebrities have been rubbing their stiletto’s shiny on all types of actual celebrities recently and have released their 2nd single ‘Snip me Here’. One reviewer said ‘Heart and Soul are a darkly comic close harmony trio, who have been known on occasion to fly deliciously close to the wind’ but they wasn’t listening to the lyrics.

They’ve co-hosted Gideon Reeling’s Xmas Starty at the Soho Theatre 2011, and Exmouth Market Centre 2012 and performed at such thingys as the Olympic Opening Ceremony Big Top Warm up Show at Camp Bestival 2012, The Land of Kings Festival, The Super Singalong Comedy Fundraiser and the Brighton Pavillion, and we’re not even joking, oh and in a Grotto that Santa made in a Lavvy in an Ad Agency.

H&S have a huge fanclub - known as The Fingers - a name the fanbase have derived from the textspeak name for Heart & Soul – HandS.

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