Gideon Reeling

The Starty

The Starty was conceived by Kat McGarr & Kate Hargreaves and have been running regularly since our first airing in 2010

The Starty is a bit like a party and a bit like a cabaret but its also a handy (ficitonal) Womens’ Committee Meeting to help you air all your seasonal thoughts at the start of the Seasons- Christmas, Easter, Shrove Tuesday,May Day, Summer, Harvest-time are all ripe for Start-ing.
Men are as welcome as women and the cabarets often morph into riotous parties when the live entertainment is done.
Your hosts are the Ladies of the WC who will guide you through an evening of music, passion, laughs, games, dancing, many hats, a fabulous raffle, prizes, crafting and fun.

Soho Theatre called 2012's Starties ‘The most bizarre office Christmas party you will ever attend.’ Le Cool said, "It’s the Christmas Party season. But before you go to your awful evening, you should go to this… it’s critically acclaimed and it’s brought to you by the brilliant Gideon Reeling" and then Gideon Reeling said ‘I spent many a happy and productive quality time in the WC at Christmas’.