Gideon Reeling

The Village

A site specific, immersive promenade.
Staged yearly in the beautiful woodland area at Family Festival Camp Bestival. Three nights each year from 2008-2013 for Rob and Josie da Bank. The Village  charted the history of a community as seen through the eyes and lives of its varied inhabitants. And we named it the Dingly Dell. A darkly comic night-time promenade in the woods:  suitable for all ages of festival goers to explore.

Beautiful and surreal, thought-provoking and laugh-out-loud: the village bore more than a passing resemblance to the historical journey of another little island you may have stumbled across.

15-20 performers, 10 designers, full design of the woods area of the festival, live music, songs and dancing for 4 hour durational shows.

Once upon a Time Before, a village stood here...and in it, a WondeRoom, did you ever hear of such a place? It was a place of thought and learning. A place of magic and History. Mother nature it is said, moved away only to return in dreams- for History was no longer hers to share.  And so a civilisation teetered on the brink of eating its own tail.  And at the edges of time the dragons lay in wait …with the tales and the rhythms of this magical place to wash your ears clean of the dust and grub of centuries.  .… in the meantime the people danced to ease their unease and their discomfort and mostly they were left to do so by their masters-  surely a little wiggle could not do too much harm.

"Gideon Reeling are the best in the book - devastatingly daring, pretty spooky, very talented and endlessly imaginative...they make my festivals a better place." Rob da Bank