Gideon Reeling

GR Domestic Staff

The Reeling family, being an old and most esteemed family, have been fortunate enough to be attended by some of the very oldest and most esteemed of domestic staff.

A great friend of ours, Bertram St. Handwych, was heard to say in 1910, "Spare a moment to think on the huge amount of work attended to by the domestics. How very fortunate we are to be so well cared for, to be the beneficiaries of such kindly service from our servants at home!” So lets take a moment to think on them.......That's better.

Friends of Mr Reeling have met many of the Staff through the years,
Dark and mysterious Victorian servants whooping it up with mystery medicines and risky dancing (Red Death Lates)
Well behaved 1920s maids in lavatories (Brickhouse)
Dancing flapper maids amid wild parties (Lowey),
Polite Edwardian staff at the tea table who may or may not have hopped upon the table to sing when Her Ladyship’s back was turned (The Salon du Thé),
to an entire family of 1930s servants living in an attic (Diesel 10th Birthday Party).

The Staff can be booked for shows and events in infinite guises and combinations, let us know how you think they can serve you.