Gideon Reeling

Immersive Events

We can help you with all or any of the elements that make up theatre shows, theatrical events,  immersive events or brand experiences and interactive learning.

Anything from a party for 20 friends, to a theatre for 2000 audience or a public space for 30,000 visitors.

We conceive, script, design, direct, paint, find, produce, primp, dress, perform, interact, educate, sing, train, dance, make noises, cast light, shoot and record, draw, consult, approach and provoke thought.

We've made immersive events from spaces and audience as diverse as:
-a tiny toilet in an advertising agency for 60 staff, 
- A city square for 30,000 family learners in King's Cross
-a garden fit for kings for a private party for 600 guests
-during all stages of a three country transatlantic journey for press and invited guests
-12 districts of London for 12 simultaneous walking tours for press and bloggers
-to the Chateau  and gardens of Versailles for 100 international guests

We work with brilliant Producers, Directors, Show Callers, Stage Managers, Artist Liaison, Front of House and production staff.
And we've collaborated with the finest caterers, production suppliers, crewing, security companies and everything in between.

We specialise in immersive and interactive and site specific.
Drop us a line and tell us what you're looking for, what you've found or what you've imagined.