Gideon Reeling

Ahead of Time

Brooklyn Brothers
World's 1st Immersive theatre show aboard a transatlantic flight

A bespoke theatre piece which took place aboard a transatlantic flight in September 2017. 
Ahead of Time was the first of a series of free performances for passengers to kick start the celebrations for Icelandair’s 80th birthday. 
Working with Icelandair and The Brooklyn Brothers,
we invented an 80 year old heroine and her family who embodied some of the defining eras from 1937 to 2017 They featured in episodes which connected to the airline’s history and the changing face of air travel.
Woven in were aspects of Icelandic history and culture –past and present - including from the lives of the airline staff that we worked with. 
It was told over 13 hours by 28 performers.
10 Professionals and 18 non professionals- staff of the airline - rehearsed with us in summer schools in Reykjavik.
The performance crossed 2 continents, took place on 2 flights and in 3 airports in one day.

We also trialled cutting edge mobile app technology created by Winkball and Goldsmiths University and developed with us for performance use.

"Gideon Reeling were a great creative partner, bringing a wealth of expertise and passion to such an ambitious project. The attention to detail and research they put into making the production was obvious from the wonderful experience had by all who attended. From the small touches of brand history to wonderful quips, they are out the box thinkers providing something truly unique and innovative ways of looking at immersive experiences." 
The Brooklyn Brothers