Gideon Reeling

Interrobang?! The Curious Departure of Dustin Spector

Interrobang Digital is a genre-busting entertainment format: part immersive theatre, part detective game with player-led narratives.

Thanks to all our supporters of the successful crowdfunder in Spring 2021 we have been able to run initial testing and are now moving into the next phase to develop the experience- this is thanks to support from Arts Council England's 2nd round of the Culture Recovery Fund  ( #HereForCulture )

Players get drawn into a thriller: a theatrical experience that challenges mentally & morally as they make active choices, use initiative, powers of deduction & playfulness.

Interrobang uses a unique combination of dynamic QR codes, bespoke web technology and bitesize theatre to create a bold experiment in interactive, enveloping storytelling. Our ongoing aim, as ever, is to make theatre more accessible, immediate and appealing to a wider non-traditional audience.

It has been made possible thanks to :
-our collaboration with tech innovators Winkball and Touch TV, |
-web developers Decode 
-The Mayor's back to business fund
-Storyfutures R & D on Demand with Phd Jack Lowe.
also thank you to Angela Chan and Elizabeth Bichard

Originally created by Kate Hargreaves & Barry McStay many years ago,  Interrobang?!  has since been developed by Hargreaves, Kathryn McGarr & Hetty Burton.

Thank you, finally but definitely not least,  to all our kind supporters to our crowdfunder campaign- your generosity has been extraordinary.
Jacqueline Winfield, Elizabeth Bichard, Andy & Gillian Hargreaves, Philip Saatchi, Jonathan Adler, James Wright, Jo Lynch, Simone Thomas, Abigail Eason, Clare Brown, Eli Burton, Jesse Morgan, Brigit Gourlay, Rachel Burns,
Peter McGarr, Robert Hall, Nick Hutchinson, Elisabeth and Mike Fidler, Kevin McGarr, Valerie Mcgarr, Jemma & Stephen Varley, Josh jones, Christopher Wright, Rose Burton, Ali Jary, Mark, John Walton, Cheryl Felgate, Roger Mutton, Sarah Carver, Adam Neville Leslie Pitt and Susan Lurie, Andrea  Baldwin, Lisa Roberts, Susan Hasell,
Libby Northedge, Annie White, Geoff Beale, Mal Nelson-Hedge, Judi Speirs, Gemma Keen, Judith Gartrell, Pete and Lyn Wright, Samuel John, Paul Rodgers, Adrian Relph, Liz Bichard, Len Bichard, Elly Pace, Barry McStay, Harriet Stewart, Joe Hargreaves, Christabel Boersma, James Stone, Angela Chan, Sarah Dowling, Niall Conway, Will Ashcroft, Victoria Letten, Ruth Patrizzi, David Hargreaves, Matt Maciejewski, Sybil Ah-Mane, Coral Bevan,Brigid Graham, Kim Farley, James Traherne, Terry Bowden, Dave Young, David Wright, Alexandra Rowse, Sam Clear, Maxine Doyle, Hunt & Murphy, Alice Lessing, Andy Kobelinsky, Lucy Whitby, Claire Rowan Lewis, Georgina Smith, Joanna R, Alison Griffiths, Penny Wrout, Harriet Eldridge, Siobhan Finnegan, Matt Maciejewski, Peter Higgin, Helen Ahearne, Barbara Wilson, Jo Cobley, Rohani Omar