Gideon Reeling

The year 1738. Team up for Excellence

Polar Black Events
Remy Martin
A grand scale 3 part Immersive show at the Palace of Versailles

We concepted and produced with Polar Black for a full day and night of immersive performance by GR performers and French Dance company Danaiade to launch Remy Martin's Team Up for Excellence campaign.
Gideon Reeling creative produced all performance, scripting, stage management, costumes and props.

The event was for an invited audience of press and influencers for one day and included:
A specially commissioned character tour around the state rooms of the Chateau
A surreal tree walk around the gardens of the Petit Trianon to discover certain ancient trees that the client supports.
An evening reception and dinner created in the great Orangery by Polar Black with surprise performance by Les Indes Gallantes.
The performance was rooted in the 1738 Versailles of Louis XV and was as lavish and beautiful as a Bourbon celebration.

Producers: Kate Hargreaves, Lucy Hall and Kathryn McGarr
Directors: Kathryn McGarr and Kate Hargreaves. For Danaiade: Elodie Bergerault
Written by Hargreaves and McGarr with additional material by the cast
Costume Design: Alice Lessing with Clara Lopez

Performers-  For Gideon Reeling: Geoff Beale, Sam Booth, Jo Bowis, Alistair Goldsmith, Kate Hargreaves, Pauline Huguet, Sam John, Simon Maeder, Kathryn McGarr, Daniel Miller, Alastair Natkiel, Stephanie Nightingale, Libby Northedge, Matthew Odell, Danielle Stagg, Vanessa Faye Stanley. 
For Danaiade: Alexandre Galopin, Julie Salgues, Clément Aubert, Anne Quaderi, Lea Bridaroll, Camille Brulais, Lucie Blain, Eneas Vaca Bualo.

Props: Caroline Perry with Nick Selleck

Hair and Make Up lead: Paul Rogers with Isabelle Reda, Jade Berrocal , Marie Charlotte Fau

Body Art: Nicole Asparadakis

Photographs: Tom Nicolson (and some here from the Gideon Reeling Team)