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Ardbeg Whiskey
Yearly events for Ardbeg Whiskey

Since 2016 we've been creating interactive theatre for Polar Black Events and their productions for 
the annual Ardbeg Day celebrations, 
‘Ardbeg Night’ and the launch of Ardbeg Dark Cove Whiskey kicked this off in 2016
when Kathryn McGarr created a narrative inspired by Ardbeg’s smuggling past fleshed it out into a captivating story of blood, sweat and whiskey with additional content by Matthew Blake & performed by McGarr, Blake & Oliver Britten

some of our most notable Ardbeg Days since and our favourite costumes have been:

in 2017 when Kate Hargreaves, Hetty Burton and Danny Martin made the Kelpie and the Lobster experience

in 2022 when Kate Hargreaves created a punk themed riot of a day with Adam Redmore, Tim Barnsdall, Andy Kobelinsky and Paul Rogers HMUA for the launch of Ardcore.

and most recently in 2023 Kate Hargreaves created Film Noir themed Heavy Vapours for the launch of their smoky, mysterious whisky of the same name. With the brilliant talents of :
Kathryn McGarr as Agent 46 from the Planet Ardbeg graphic novel series, Matthew Odell, Tim Barndall and Suni La with HMU by Victoria Evans and Paul Rogers and Costumes by Gideon Reeling

“client and guests thoroughly enjoyed the immersive theatre and it really brought the evening to life” Elizabeth James-Crook Event Manager