Gideon Reeling

Lost Lovers Ball

Secret Productions
Immersive Valentines Party at the Battersea Power Station

A Collaboration with Secret Productions - we created the narrative for their Valentines soirees - The Lost Lovers Ball at Battersea Power Station.

Journeying into the mind of Eros,

we led the 1500 arrivals each night into the building with Tragic Film Noir Love tales - filmic, iconic and brooding. We then thrust them into the extraordinary, and usually inaccessible to the public, 1940s control room.Each visitor becoming a member of a secret organisation - The Trust; a resistance army advocating love and togetherness fighting the forces of insecurity.

20 Gideon Reeling performers made up our cast, with further content in the event created and delivered by the Invisible Circus, Bearded Kitten and Tax Deductible.

“Like a lamb I followed him. This place had been empty for years, the walls were crumbling and the engines had fired their last a long long time ago and yet...still I followed. I knew what lay ahead could be dark and I knew I would be here for some time. But if I got out unscathed, if I made it home sometime…later? Tomorrow? Next week? Well…I knew I’d 'a learned something. I knew I’d 'a gained something and sure, I’d know a little more about this great big crazy mess. But at what price? Hey I’d invested a whole heap of cash in this thing already and I wasn’t gonna back out now. But there was something fishy about this whole business. Was it the river I could hear? Yeah it was fishy."

Images by Jules May
Kate Hargreaves, Kathryn McGarr, David Wright, Matthew Blake, Zoe Dickin, Jo Bowis, Clayton Wright, Laura Stevley, Seiriol Davies, Polly Donger, Andrew Rutland, James Wright, Carolyn Jones, David Lear, Hetty Burton, Dan Boyden, Lizzie Mace, Kate Rigby, Daisy Whitney, Lucy Hall, Andy Kobelinsky, Ashlee Ackland