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Sports Days

Produce UK
King's Cross, Argent, Produce Uk, The Almeida
Sports Days

We've worked extensively, since 2011, creating fun inclusive sports days.
Many of these have been at the new public spaces at King's Cross Granary and Cubitt Squares to create immersive family learning and fun sports activities for Produce UK- an artistic placemaking and event-making agency.

One such event has also taken place for the Almeida Theatre to celebrate their Greeks season in a closed off street.

Such free family events on spring and summer weekends have proved hugely popular.

We have also created sports themed events for Argent and King's Cross employees as part of their internal staff events programmes.

Images by Jon Sturrock, Iwona Pinkowicz, The Almeida

The Sports days encourage healthy physical activity and outdoor play for all ages. 
They are led by immersive performers and Educators.
Previous characters have included  :
representatives from the official board of bored officials, Ladies from the Women's Committee, Lycra Fitties and even Greek Gods

If this sounds like your cup of tea we can create bespoke or traditional games for public or private events.

Previous activities have included:
Traditional sports day favourites: egg and spoon, relay and three legged races etc.
Rowing races and table based fete games.
As well as less traditional activities : including space hopper racing, hobby horse assault courses, 'drench cricket' in the fountains, slow mo racing, blow football and fly swatminton.-a form of badminton using fly swats