Gideon Reeling

King's Cross Stories - Journeys

Produce UK

'Journeys' was a 2 day Living History Festival in Autumn 2013 to celebrate and teach the history of the area of King's Cross.
A Free Public Festival attended by 30,000 attendees in Granary Square: produced by Produce UK, concepted with GR and funded by King’s Cross at part of the their programmed events: King's Cross Stories.

The Gritty Side of Victorian London was created in a pop up Victorian Market Place with Gideon Reeling creating numerous Living History Installations presenting everything from the Chimney Sweep trade to Kidsmen recruiting child pickpockets, from the workhouse to the ageing theatrical turned shoe-shine, to preparations for child birth on the Kitchen table

A proper joyous, free of charge, public get-together to make you think: with tons of entertainment from us: 40 Gideon Reeling Performers and Educators, Singalongs, Circus Acts, the remarkable Perhaps Contraption as our marching bands, ensemble choreographed songs, stage acts, Stage and close up Magician and immersive educative installations.
Alongside beautiful sets from Produce UK, spectacular acrobats, current Pearly Kings and Pearly Singalongs, character dance troupes, Victorian Side shows, fairground stalls as well as horse and carriage rides and a ferris wheel.

The images are by Jonathan Turner and Jon Sturrock- links to their work are to the left.