Gideon Reeling

May Starty 2013 - Book Club

For our first Spring Starty we put together a May Day Celebration to flutter under the bonnets and spring clean the pipes. The Ladies were joined by a Maypole, the famously inspirational guru David McWizard via live link up to his samsung in the regular Crafty Corner section of the night , the girls from Heart and Soul-winners of last year's Yes Factory turned up, everyone did choir practice and 'shake and wake' class and the game for 'Welcome to my World' was Air Traffic controller related.

Guests were invited to dress up if they wished in their Spring Finery. There were actual fabulous prizes for the best dressed who donned garlands and maypoles for the May Day celebrations.
There were prizes too for those entering our fudge making competition.

Running regularly since our first airing in 2010
The Starty is a bit like a party and a bit like a cabaret but its also a handy (ficitonal) Womens’ Committee Meeting to help you air all your seasonal thoughts at the start of the Seasons- Christmas, May Day, Summer, Harvest-time are all ripe for Start-ing.
Men are as welcome as women and the cabarets often morph into riotous parties when the live entertainment is done.
Your hosts are the Ladies of the WC who will guide you through an evening of music, passion, laughs, games, dancing, a fabulous raffle, prizes, crafting and fun

The Starty has been seen at SoHo Theatre, Shoreditch Town Hall, Exmouth Market Centre, Land of Kings Festival, The Book Club in Shoreditch, London.

Soho Theatre billed 2011’s Xmas Starties 'The most bizarre office Christmas party you will ever attend.' Le Cool said of 2012’s It's the Christmas Party season. But before you go to your awful evening, you should go to this….. it's critically acclaimed and it's bananas. Brought to you by the brilliant Gideon Reeling” and Gideon Reeling said ' I’ve spent many happy and productive quality times in the WC'