Gideon Reeling

Vitamin Water Festival Tour

Radiate Experience
Vitamin Water

We spent the summer of 2009 creating magical and surreal, theatrical installations at various festivals for the launch of Vitamin Water: With a whisper of The Wizard of Oz and Quackery we fully designed an array of tipis, covered wagons and put a collection of comic performers as nonsense characters in them.

The Guru at Rockness read a lot of bananas alongside our absurd travelling side-show

The Wizard of Oz, an Australian TV agony uncle turned up at The Big Chill with his assistants to do anything other than solve the problems of visiting visitors.

The Quizzical and Uniterrestrial Assoc of  Allopathic  Clinicians and Karmapaths at Bestival: a practice of Space Q.U.A.A.C.K. doctors providing ridiculous check­ups for the recently returned  to earth.