Gideon Reeling

Curious Knowledge Festival

Produce UK

Partnering with Produce Uk  and  King's Cross

We created immersive characters to host a, first of its kind, two day festival of Knowledge- Curious?

Our Academic Masters  -think University dons crossed with Harry Potter's teachers armed with Tommy Cooper's jokes- were led by Jacob and Jackie Altrades- Masters of None, all had specialist subjects to enrol family groups into fun, interactive activities.

From Choir practice with Joy Ninn to  archaeology with Master of the Universe Everett Spanding, from hosting Quizzes and Spelling Bees to A Puppet show about the History of Learning to the joys of a Victorian Arithmetic Lesson s with  Dusty Booke the Past Master

Our performers brought hefty doses of comedy and as much fun for the adults as for the kids -while weaving history and science and practical skills into their entertaining mini shows and workshops.

The August Bank Holiday saw KING'S Cross transformed into a hive of cerebral activity. London's first festival of its kind, Curious? was a two-day festival of knowledge,  organised by The Knowledge Quarter- bringing together companies such as UCL, The Francis Crick Institute Google and The Guardian to deliver an action-packed roster of activities.

Photography by Jon Sturrock and Benedict Johnson