Gideon Reeling

King's Cross Stories Battle Bridge

Produce UK
Public Festival Granary Square

After the success of 2013's King's Cross Journeys - Late Summer 2014 saw us create performance for a second big public event for Kings Cross Stories- Spectacular 2 day Living History Festivals- for around 30,000 attendees in Granary Square, King's Cross: produced by Produce UK, concepted with GR and funded by King’s Cross.

Battle Bridge brought a Roman Forum to Granary Square where our Roman citizens had benevolently relocated to Crux Regis of 61A.D. to teach the Barbarous Celts the ways of the ideal Roman Town and help to defeat Boudicca in battle to pave the way for Roman Brittannia.  Building projects, Ideal Roman homemaking and Roman Beauty masterclasses all featured in our enveloping workshops.

A proper joyous, free of charge, public get-together: with tons of entertainment from us:
25 Gideon Reeling Performers and Educators, Singalongs, Circus Acts, marching bands, ensemble choreographed songs, stage acts and immersive educative installations.
Alongside beautiful sets from Produce UK, spectacular battle reenactment, trick riding, and gladiator training school and a lot more