Gideon Reeling

Rejs- A Cruise down the Absurd

Polish Cultural Institute
For Polish Cultural Institute
Closing Party for the 13th Kinoteka Festival

We were asked by the Polish Cultural Institute to bring to life one of Poland's best beloved films for the closing night of the KINOTEKA film festival.
Rejs- translation The Cruise- is a classic cult comedy and it is very funny.
7 interactive characters were created that brought key moments from the narrative and imagined moments from it's world, out of the cinema screen.
And we took the invited guests on a Cruise down the Absurd.
A boat trip to nowhere with its tongue firmly in its cheek for a really playful audience.

We also provided  the amazing Oli Keens to DJ 
and we provided set dressing of the boat (at breakneck speed while the boat was turned around!) and a teaser film

Our Ode to Rejs saw the stowaways having taken charge of the Entertainments Commitee of the boat, the captain is confuddled and thinks that he is interviewing people for joining the crew but is seeing the nonsense of the Party Commitee  gradually unfolding.
Our Rejs for 21st Century London envisioned the Party Committee as a form of Quango:  rooting out the eligible, loyal members of the committee, training them up to lead the party tonight and beyond and by extension, then rehearsing them in songs, a dance, engaging them in nonsensical meetings. Discussing how best to establish a voting system that served the party. There were many engaging deck and table games and a glut of nonsensical conversation.
We loved it and the guests were brilliant.