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Versailles Aye- only the Palace of Versailles!

We spent 6 months of 2019 working intensively with Polar Black Events to create a theatrical event for an invited audience. 
The Audience were brought by Remy Martin (the world famous cognac producers) to the Chateau of Versailles to launch their Team Up for Excellence campaign.

Our brief was to entertain and surprise, to bring to life the rich history of Versailles as well as that of Remy Martin.
We were tasked with leading the 100 guests on an exploration of the Palace and of the Petit Trianon Gardens.

It was really fascinating research: the first Remy Martin was granted a Royal Accord by Louis XV to plant extra vines in Cognac in order to produce more of his fine cognacs- the King of France was a massive fan apparently.
We'd advise anyone to go and visit and see the stupendous opulence of Versailles, its an odd place with a famously odd history and the stories we had to work with were exhaustive and deliciously bizarre.

We were asked to create a bespoke tour of the Chateau, faithfully rooted in the year of Martin's first visit 1738, 
followed by a surreal tour of some of the Arbres Admirables in the Gardens of the Petit Trianon- where Madame Pompadour was courted and Marie Antoinette hid!
And all this was followed by performance at a truly staggering dinner party in the Orangery which Polar Black Events and partners created with aplomb. A surprise performance by Les Indes Galantes bunged the proverbial cherry on the top

Our cast and crew were so brilliant: tireless and fun and dedicated and dependable in the face of a punishing day of 3 back to back shows and we were delighted to collaborate with the fantastic French dance company Danaiade.

Dream job, lovely creative client who championed our expertise at all points, location to die slash kill for and more history than you can shake a stick at. We've put a project page up so you can see the beautiful pics.