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Interro/ inˈ Reconstructed, hypothesized LATIN
In (into) and terra (earth)
verb I bury; I inter.
bang bang/ noun a heavy blow; a sudden loud noise; an explosion; (inf) a burst of action; (sl) a sense of excitement

A lot of shadowy things have been buried of late and it looks like Dustin Spektor is just about to become one of them.
Something needs digging up. Do you have the stomach to do it?
If his killer disappears, so does the truth. Celebrities, politicians, corporations around the world will smile behind their closed doors: this is a man whose enemies outnumber his friends.

The Department of Life is looking for new recruits to solve the crime of the year and only the sharpest minds need apply. Starting at the scene of the crime – the abandoned basement of a national newspaper’s HQ – teams will have a handful of hours to solve the mystery; to trawl the streets of East London, follow trails of clues, decode puzzles, interrogate suspects.
The journey will lead through busy restaurants, working pubs, darkening streets and places you shouldn’t be.

No training will be provided.

There will be obstacles in your way. If you think you’ve got what it takes then come and have a go, hero.

An enveloping game to make you think…

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