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National Trust Dyrham Park

We're delighted to have worked on another project for the National Trust - This launched in early 2017.....

Veuve Cliquot's Widow Series - FKA Twigs 'Rooms'

Gideon Reeling were honoured to be invited back to Veuve Cliquot's Widow Series for its second year, this time supporting the captivating FKA Twigs in her exploration of this Halloween celebration.

The X-Mas Starty 2014. The Speigel Tent Winterville

Thank you to all those that joined the X-mas Starty in December
2014's Starty was back by popular demand, for the 4th yuletide running.
Relentlessly good fun, it's like a ridiculous office Christmas party which everyone is invited  to.
The comedy has been known to be wrong shaped and irreverent and the evening is hosted by the organisers of the Women’s Committee who guide you through an evening of music, passion, laughs, games, dancing, a ‘fabulous’ raffle, prizes, crafting  and some hats.


Is still cooking, currently on simmer while we hunt for funding.


Interro/ inˈ Reconstructed, hypothesized LATIN
In (into) and terra (earth)
verb I bury; I inter.
bang bang/ noun a heavy blow; a sudden loud noise; an explosion; (inf) a burst of action; (sl) a sense of excitement

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